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Covid-19 Announcement

With the recent outbreak and rapid spread of the covid-19 virus we would like to reassure our customers that we will be taking extra precautions to safe guard and protect our customers and staff. We will be paying even more attention on hygiene and sanitising surfaces even more regularly than before. We will leave the deliveries outside and call the customers to inform them their order has arrived. We are currently open for business as usual, we will be monitoring the situation closely and will inform of any changes via our social media platforms. We wish all our customers the best of health and hope we will all overcome this situation together quickly. India Restaurant Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Welcome to India Restaurant and Takeaway Tantalise you’re taste buds with a fine selection of Indian cuisine with the combinations of authentic flavours, delicate seasonings, in house freshly ground spices, marinades and complex tastes. We use only the freshest of ingredients . India dining is the perfect experience for all , creating an immersive atmosphere of the essence of Indian royalty. Come and join us for a meal fit for a King or Queen!


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